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4.4 | golden ale
  This golden ale has herbal and tropical fruit aromas, leading to a full-bodied and balanced biscuit malt flavour, before resulting in a lasting finish of zesty citrus fruits.
4.5 | best bitter
    This beer is a rich ruby colour, with a spicy, floral aroma. Its dark crystal malt creates a sweet, malty base, balanced by a moderate hop character.  
5 | dark ale
  Shefford Old Dark is a dark, rich and smooth beer, with a strong fruit and hop aroma, leading to a slightly sweet malty flavour, with subtle hop notes and a smooth, creamy finish.
4.5 | fruity character
  This light amber beer has a blend of pale and crystallised malts, fused with citrusy hops, slowly matured to create a spicy character, with a hint of cracker biscuit flavour.    
4.5 | Classic Bitter
  This is a superb classic bitter with a delicate aroma of hops and a complex palate of robust hop flavours, delightfully balanced by a prominent malty character and finish.