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5 | premium bitter
This splendid, rich-coloured, strong beer has a distinct malt and hop flavour, balanced by an underlying fruitiness and a long, dry finish.
3.7 | mild
This smooth-tasting, lightly hopped, traditional dark mild has welcoming chocolate and roast aromas, followed by an initial soft, malty flavour which continues through to the clean, dry finish.
4.5 | best bitter
This full-flavoured, refreshing light-coloured bitter has a consistent hop character throughout, balanced by a subtle malt flavour and a fruity, dry, bitter finish.
4.5 | best bitter
This classic dark amber ale has a pleasing peppery aroma, while its generous blend of malt and hops imparts spicy notes and a good balance of fruit and biscuit in the flavour.
5 | strong mild
This dark ruby, strong mild contains flaked barley and a blend of pale, black, crystal and wheat malts, producing subtle roast and malt flavours, complemented by a mellow sweetness.