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4.4 | porter
This award-winning, Victorian-style porter is a dark ruby colour, with an initial bitterness and hints of liquorice in the flavour, giving way to a smooth, mellow finish.
5 | premium bitter
This single-hopped IPA is golden in colour, with an intense fruity character of gooseberry and passion fruit in the aroma and flavour, leading to a clean, bitter finish.
3.9 | golden ale
This golden beer is brewed using lager malt and two American hop varieties, giving a beautiful citrus aroma and flavour, leading to a pleasing, dry, moreish character.
4.5 | best bitter
This classic dark amber ale has a pleasing peppery aroma, while its generous blend of malt and hops imparts spicy notes and a good balance of fruit and biscuit in the flavour.
4.2 | best bitter
This classic copper-coloured beer has an inviting aroma, with hints of spirit leading to a fine balance of nutty richness from the malt and a satisfying dryness imparted by its hops.