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5 | Speciality beer
Tonya Cornett has returned, this time to Wadworth Brewery, in Wiltshire, to brew this especially for this Wetherspoon real-ale festival. Wheat beers and IPAs are generally considered to be on opposite sides of the spectrum, but 10 Barrel begs to differ. Brewed with 50% wheat malt, this smooth, deep golden IPA balances a slight tartness from the wheat malt with distinct grapefruit citrus hop notes, thanks to the use of Australian Galaxy hops.
6 | Strong ale
Virginie Harzé has returned from this brewery (based in the abbey grounds) to Shepherd Neame Brewery, in Kent, to brew this beer especially for this Wetherspoon real-ale festival. This is pale yellow in colour and slightly cloudy in appearance, with a beautifully perfumed, slightly piquant aroma. Its flavour is initially sweet, before developing a refreshing bitterness and fruitiness, resulting in a hoppy finish.
4.7 | Speciality beer
This new light brown beer, exclusive to Wetherspoon in cask, has a subtle, sweet, smoky aroma, with its smoky flavour containing hints of raisins, dates and coffee, along with a restrained bitterness, leading to a dry finish.
4.2 | Best Bitter
This new beer, exclusive to this Wetherspoon real-ale festival, is brewed using amber and brown malts to produce a smooth, nutty flavour, while the American hops blend supplies an excellent balance and full hop aroma.
4.6 | Premium bitter
This new seasonal beer is brewed in the style of a dark old ale, with a pleasing roast malt aroma continuing into the flavour, combining with berry fruit and chocolate notes, resulting in a smooth, fruity finish, with some hop bitterness.