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4.1 | best bitter
This distinctive, classic English bitter has a rich copper colour and smooth, light, fruity flavour, leading to a robust finish.
4.5 | Best bitter
With its chocolate-toffee malt flavour, moderate bitterness and distinctly fruity character, this is a ruby-red-glowing, full-bodied and well-balanced ale.
5 | Premium Bitter
This rich, golden IPA is brewed with a combination of British and American hop varieties, resulting in an intense hop aroma and a harmonic level of bitterness in the flavour.
5 | premium bitter
This bronze-coloured bitter has a well-balanced hop aroma and a rich mixture of fruit, hops and malt in the full flavour, leading to a pleasing slight bitterness in the finish.
4.5 | Best bitter
This is a superb classic bitter with a delicate aroma of hops and a complex palate of robust hop flavours, delightfully balanced by a prominent malty character and finish.