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4.5 | Best bitter
This is a superb classic bitter with a delicate aroma of hops and a complex palate of robust hop flavours, delightfully balanced by a prominent malty character and finish.
5.6 | Strong Ale
This commanding IPA-style beer is golden in colour, with a wave of hop aromas leading to a balance of bitterness and sweetness in the flavour, plus a lasting grapefruit finish.
6.5 | Strong Ale
This distinctive, full-bodied, smooth, mature beer has a primarily sweet and malty character which bursts out with rich fruit cake and toffee flavours.
4.3 | Best bitter
This russet-hued ale has an inviting thick and creamy white head and delicate citrus aroma, leading to a unique spicy and floral flavour. Thrapple is the Scottish word for ‘throat’, so this is the ideal beer with which to ‘douse your thrapple’.
4.2 | Best bitter
This classic Kentish ale is amber in colour, with a spicy hop aroma, leading to mellow malt flavours. These balance the hops’ bitterness, resulting in a warm, fruity finish, with hints of spice.