Featuring 57 Ales
4.8 | Pemium bitter
This golden ale was developed in collaboration with Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden. Having been on one of our guest ale lists, it’s back again in this festival by popular demand. It’s full bodied, with a rich malt and hop flavour and a long, lingering, hop-dominated citrus finish.
3.8 | Golden Ale
  This pale, hoppy beer is brewed using extra pale and wheat malts, plus a single American hop variety which imparts a notable aroma and crisp, zesty character.
5 | Premium Bitter
This strong, ruby-red-coloured ale is brewed to a traditional Kentish recipe, using local hops, resulting in initial notes of toffee and dark fruit, a complex flavour with more fruit notes and a soft, bitter finish.
4.2 | Best bitter
 This classic Kentish ale is amber in colour, with a spicy hop aroma, leading to mellow malt flavours. These balance the hops’ bitterness, resulting in a warm, fruity finish, with hints of spice.
5.9 | Strong Ale
The initial impression of this award-winning ale is soft and smooth, but this soon builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness, with hints of honey, then finishes in a powerful, yet pleasant, enduring bitter finish.