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5 | premium bitter
This rich, chestnut-brown-coloured ale has a complex, fruity aroma, leading to a firm malt base in the flavour, complemented by complex notes of dark fruit, pepper and cinnamon.
4.2 | best bitter
This amber-coloured beer is brewed with the finest Kentish hops, resulting in a solid hop aroma, leading to hints of marmalade, pepper and fruit, balanced by a mellow malt character.
4 | best bitter
Warm amber in colour, this full-bodied ale has a rich hop aroma and subtle bitterness, followed by a pleasing aftertaste, creating an excellently balanced character.
5.9 | strong ale
The initial impression of this award-winning ale is soft and smooth, yet this soon builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness, with hints of honey and a powerful, pleasing bitter finish.
4.1 | golden ale
This popular golden ale has a fresh, citrus aroma, followed by delicate, hoppy flavours, with an emerging gentle sweetness and a refreshing, lasting finish.